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The school is a place where common activities take place. Classes, different kinds of workshops, sometimes a performance or a concert... It is also a great working space, it might be used as a studio or a rehearsal or tryout room for music or theatre.

The school is suitable for a group up to 18 people, which is also the amount of people that would fit in a comfortable way in our houses in Juseu. In the school is also a fully eqquiped kitchen where can be cooked for a group of this size.
The former school of Juseu was entirely decayed and we fully restaurated it in 2003.

This detached building is located on the edge of the villaje has a high (5m) and light local (10x7 m). It is connected by two large patio doors with the Zaidin. This former classroom can be heated by a large woodstove in wintertime .

On our page -agenda workshops- the actual activities are anounced. The upcomming events are also anounced on our facebook page.

Are you interested in giving a workshop or in organising an activity in Juseu? Feel welcome to contact us for any questions or ideas!

Click here for a video of the School.